The Experiment

My greatest dream was, and still is, to write a book, a novel.  I don’t know the genre yet, I know it will be in past times, let’s say the 18th or 19th century or something, probably in Scotland.

So, why is this so important for the experiment… Well, I’m going to read “Scotland, History of a Nation”, by David Ross. In stead of writing it all down in my notebook, I wil commonplace it on index cards. Why it is an experiment? I did not do this before, not ever. Not even in the days I went to University and College (I better did, but regret always comes too late).

The masterplan: I wil annotate with different colors (see the picture below) and after each chapter I’ll take time to write down what was marked on the cards. I still have to find my way in to it, what to write down, how to annotate, how to make it neatly arranged, and so on.

The colors 

I will blog about the progress I make through the book, the posts will be categorized under “The Experiment”. I hope to write one post a week, and I hope you all will enjoy it.

Wish me good luck 🙂 I’ll need it.


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