The commonplace book… a hobby an sich?

Did I start my commonplace (cp) book as a hobby or is it an addition to an already existing hobby?

Well, I thought I started a new hobby, but in fact, you can’t just start a cp book, just because you want to have one. You need to have the will (or the need) to read, to learn, and to write things down (or type things down, I prefer writing). If you don’t have that, just forget the whole thing, because one way or another, it is all about reading and learning and writing.

So you can see a cp book as a way to give your hobbies an extra fascinating dimension.  I really love to read, always have. But it was just reading, nothing more. Now I recently started to annotate what I read, what I found interesting. Mind me, it is not easy, I have to force myself to it, and afterwards, I have to force myself to write down the things I marked. People say it becomes easier over time. I hope so. It gives you the chance to really comprehend what is happening in a book, to look up the background (e.g. historical events). Although, you read slower, you are really inside the story, you can feel the story.

Before I get too excited about annotating, I’m going to do a post later about it (but my fellow blogger Thomas has already two very interesting articles about annotating, see below).

I used reading, but you can also use the cp book to write things down you saw on journeys (the places you visited, the people you met), or about your lifestyle (healthy, sporty, not so healthy). An example, you can write down information about the muscles you train every day, the food you eat and so on (e.g.: is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable). The possibilities are legio. I just thought about herbalism. The possibilities are endless. 

So yes, I can honestly say that the cp book is not just a hobby. It is something you can use to fully enjoy another hobby (or an eduction). When you start blogging about it, though, it becomes, again, a hobby. It just so much fun to discover new things you can do, can write. Or draw, but I’m really, really bad in drawing. Nope, no drawings in my cp book. Sadly. You can discover new hobbies, old hobbies you forgot about. It is a hobby that connect other hobbies. It is fantastic, it is fabulous, it is a lifestyle. It is my lifestyle. It is my hobby, the hobby of my hobbies. 


As promised the two articles from Thomas:


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